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Feed/me Performance

Feed / me

Performance / Installation / Internet art

In collaboration with Andrea Vogrig.

Feed/me is a performance and an installation in which the Facebook news feed is transformed into a playable musical instrument.

Using algorithmic means the sound of the incoming videos is transformed and manipulated according to the actions of the user in the news feed as well as according to the notifications they receive, thus creating a recontextualised social network experience in which everyday offhand interactions change their meaning. The audience is welcome to participate either by interacting with the performer using their mobile devices or by browsing the modified news feed themselves.

The Work was supported by the Stimuleringfonds Digital Culture Fund in The Netherlands and developed during a residency at Laboratory Spokane, Spokane WA. It was presented at Object Space Spokane, Studio Loos Den Haag, Zaal 100 Amsterdam and Musrara Mix Festival Jerusalem.

Watch an excerpt from a performance at Studio Loos, Den Haag: